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It's Another Day and Something Isn't Right...

Current WIP:

The Widow's Appaloosa

Annette wondered if a childhood dream was too silly to be a reality? Could she have an art studio in a barn and a horse? –like the TV show, MrEd? Why not?
The 'why not' started one day as she was finishing her renovations and a dead body forced her life to change completely.

First line:

Annette took a long slow sip from the cold bottle of beer; the condensation dripped onto her palm and streamed down her arm. The icy water pushed aside the dust and dirt on her skin and made paths like ski trails on a mountain –it felt so good. She was a mess, the feel-good kind after a long hot day of hard manual labor. Now, an ice-cold beer and a dip in the pool before salvaging the leftover pizza in the fridge. It really couldn't get much better, she decided before life intruded and made her day a nightmare.